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Decarbonize your energy needs.

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Haweas develops, builds, owns and operates one-stop low carbon solutions for industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors based on renewable hydrogen.

Scope of services

Our process to reliable renewable hydrogen delivery.

To decarbonize your industrial processes, your business can now take full advantage of on-site hydrogen production. Our fully integrated solutions generates hydrogen from renewable energy sources like solar, wind, hydropower or biogas so it can be used as chemical feedstock or energy vector.

Step 1

Origination and Development

Step 2

Modeling and

Step 3


Step 4


Haweas undertakes all steps above to deliver hydrogen where you need it. 
As a client, you simply purchase H2 and use it for your industrial, commercial, agricultural operations.

Benefits to Our Customers

Carbon footprint reduction without compromising your balance sheet.

Through zero-capex solutions,  Haweas will make your decarbonisation projects bankable and affordable.

  • Engage Haweas’ expertise to define your low carbon business concept
  • Access to Haweas experience to design a customized solution which meets the business concept requirements
  • Zero upfront CAPEX hydrogen solutions without balance sheet impact
  • Capacity to extend the capacity of the project at anytime thereby benefitting from scale economies
  • Elimination of performance risks (design, construction, technology, operational) throughout the entire system lifetime
  • Access to the newest technologies from a large and distributed international supply chain
  • Provision of competent full lifetime support
Power to Gas (P2G)

Leverage clean energy to generate renewable hydrogen.

Power to Gas (P2G) is the process to generate renewable hydrogen gas by solar, wind or hydropower through electrolysis.

Haweas will evaluate the application case by case, design and deploy the most suitable solution to deliver a reliable and effective hydrogen supply.

Gas to Gas (G2G)

Utilize organic waste or biogas to generate renewable hydrogen.

Renewable hydrogen can be produced from biogas through upgrading and Steam bio-Methane Reforming (SMR) at a competitive cost.

Since the gas originates from organic waste, it yields a neutral carbon footprint.

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Make your sustainable future a reality with renewable hydrogen.

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Haweas provides and funds sustainable, one-stop low carbon solutions for industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors based on renewable hydrogen.


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