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Haweas is incorporated by seasoned industry experts who provide unique knowledge and expertise. Our team follows a holistic energy approach to help intensive industries meet renewable energy goals.

Our Values

Haweas sees a future that values environmental, social, and economic goals.

Haweas provides and funds sustainable, one-stop low carbon solutions for industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors based on renewable hydrogen. 


At Haweas we believe that Energy empowers societies and Sustainable energy empowers sustainable societies.


Haweas aims to help the end users to decarbonize their energy needs by making renewable hydrogen a reality.


Haweas sees a future that values environmental, social, and economic goals.

  • Plus, we directly connect corporate initiatives around the globe to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are aligned with the 3E’s of sustainability:

  • Environment: all our corporate actions must bring us closer to sustainability and zero harm to the environment
  • Equality: we refuse to do business with entities who do not believe in people having the same political, social, and economic rights
  • Economics: our solutions ultimately must be economic and competitive; no subsidy or grant can go on forever

Haweas is a Company in tune with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, and 17.

Leadership Team

Our experienced team delivers exceptional project outcomes.

The Haweas team includes energy and hydrogen industry professionals who have dedicated their careers to building solutions for a more sustainable future. We bring diverse expertise in all relevant fields to make a project a success:

Business Development

  • Responsible for selecting and working with local partners, evaluating transactions, and bring projects from greenfield stage to financial close, then transferring to Construction team or Asset Management team as appropriate.
  • Responsible of mandatory permits and licenses according to the local regulation.

Technical and Operations

  • Responsible for in-house designs according to local and international standards and selecting world class equipment best suited for the project at hand.
  • Select best in class EPC contactors and Negotiates all EPC contracts. Supervises the construction till handover to asset management team.

Asset Management

  • Managing and optimizes the asset fleet, reports and ensures environmental, social and governance compliance.

Finance & Compliance HSSE

  • Responsible for financial modeling and valuation of all assets and long term non-recourse financing and loan compliance of all projects and ensuring all interactions relating to equity funding and investors. 
  • Updating and tracking of budgets, liquidity plans, tax adjustments and regular distributions. 
  • Responsible for administration and support of multiple holding and project companies.

Miguel Laburu


With over 15 years covering markets as Europe, US and Asia Pacific, Miguel holds a large track record in manufacturing, project structuring/implementation and strategy in the Renewable Energy industry. 

Since 2015 he has been involved in power-to-gas and gas-to-gas renewable hydrogen solutions in Europe and Asia. Currently, he is holding the Managing Director position at HAWEAS Pte Ltd. 

Since 2019, he is the Vice President of R&D at “Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association of Singapore”(HFCAS) where promotes H2 technologies, coordinate R&D projects and raise H2 projects funds.

Michael Kuerschner

Development & Strategy

Michael Kuerschner is an experienced project developer in the international energy industry and responsible for business development in Asia-Pacific and Europe.

In his 20+ years executive experience he worked with multinationals, sovereign wealth funds and investment houses to deliver world-class investment opportunities. He helped investors to define winning strategies and advantaged portfolios for the energy transition and is an entrepreneur in renewable energy and clean energy vectors.

Dr. Yong Rui Yuan

Hydrogen Technology

Dr. Yong Rui Yuan has extensive experience in design and integration hydrogen systems and its regarded as one of the references in Singapore in this area.

In 2015, he co-founded Duralite Power which developed and manufactured fuel cells and power systems for mobility in the capacity of Chief Operations Officer (COO). Since 2019, he has been working on different projects involving government entities, private companies and start-ups as an independent consultant for various hydrogen and fuel cell related work. He is also technical advisor to multiple startups to guide their hydrogen product related activities.

He is also currently the technical expert and treasurer for the “Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association of Singapore”. He is currently leading the standards development for hydrogen in Singapore as well as training courses for the Association.

Dr. Camila D'aquino

Biogas Technology

Professional with +10 years of experience in the energy, bioeconomy and sustainability sectors. Was the executive manager of the most significant association of biogas in Latin America, ABiogás, for 4 years. Currently, is senior researcher of the São Paulo University and work as a technical consultant to public and private companies interested in developing and implementing RES into their business core.

Planned and implemented the first biogas plant from kitchen waste in São Paulo and three laboratories for biogas production in Brazil

Has developed studies about market opportunities on biomass for companies such as Engie, EDF and Asja.

Johnny Harjantho

Asset Management

Johnny is one of the pioneers in the use of compressed natural as transport fuel in Singapore. In 2006, he set up one of the first CNG stations to fuel taxi fleets with the aim of reducing the CO2 footprint from transport, which earned him recognition and awards from transport and environment authorities. In the subsequent years since opening the CNG stations, he has opened and operated five more gas stations in Malaysia and Singapore.  

Currently, in his efforts to further pave the way for decarbonization in transport, he is leading the effort to build the first Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) in Singapore to deliver renewable hydrogen to light and heavy vehicles.

Rohan Singh

Finance & Structuring

After several experiences on core infrastructure (Henri Konan-Bedie toll bridge project financing in Abidjan) in London and Paris and advising a French player in renewables in India, Rohan co-founded Finergreen Asia to strengthen the regional presence across Asia-Pacific with the opening of the Singapore office. 

Rohan closed multiple fundraisings in various sectors such as the closing of an equity and debt financing for a commercial & industrial rooftop IPP in South-East Asia, the Serie-A financing for a mini-grid developer in Singapore, strategic advisory mandates on behalf institutional investors, etc.

The Ecosystem

Decarbonizing the world is a task of everyone

To support industrial, commercial, and agricultural (ICA) sectors with their decarbonization, we are always looking for likeminded partners who share our values. We aspire to serve a broad range of industries and geographies worldwide. The potential partner universe is vast, and may include:

  • ICA players who are willing to decarbonize their processes without negatively impacting their balance sheet
  • Renewable Energy Developers (e.g., wind, solar, biogas) who are willing to expand their portfolio beyond their core business
  • IPPs who are looking to diversify their portfolios and reducing their risk
  • Energy customers who want to diversify their energy input to include hydrogen
  • Technology providers
  • EPC contractors for project delivery
  • Start-ups seeking opportunities to pilot their technologies
  • … and many more with a potential for symbiosis…

Please reach out to us to explore potential areas of common interest!

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Make your sustainable future a reality with renewable hydrogen.

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Haweas provides and funds sustainable, one-stop low carbon solutions for industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors based on renewable hydrogen.


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