Renewable hydrogen for a more sustainable future.

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Renewable hydrogen is a low-carbon solution for industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. 

As a clean and reliable energy source or feedstock, it is now rapidly entering new sectors as an affordable alternative to carbon-intensive options.

Renewable Hydrogen

A $2.5 trillion annual market opportunity by 2050.

First global investments are already underway as nations are defining their hydrogen strategy.

A new societal consensus on the Energy Transition towards more sustainable and low carbon solutions is fast emerging. More and more countries put goals and policies in place in step with international accords towards decarbonization of energy.

With rapidly dropping costs through technology and scale, hydrogen will play a significant role as either energy vector or feedstock in the decarbonization of hard-to-abate industry sectors such as steel, chemicals, heavy transport and shipping.

Success through Partnership

Haweas focuses on decarbonization through hydrogen.

Haweas provides and funds sustainable, one-stop low carbon solutions for industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors based on renewable hydrogen. 

At Haweas, we are committed to the 3E’s of sustainability: Environmental, Equality, and Economic.

Climate Impact

We are changing our approach to energy and resources.

For the past centuries, our society has grown exponentially, increasing wealth and improving quality of life in many aspects. Reliable and affordable energy is a key pillar for human wellbeing, economic development and poverty alleviation.

However, most of our today’s energy systems have a negative environmental impact as they produce Green House Gases (GHG) – the fundamental driver of global climate change.

We are changing and adapting to new ways of living in which society can continue to prosper without affecting this natural balance. In the future, our society will harness energy and resources which have to be reliable, affordable and clean.

Our Solutions

Renewable hydrogen is now available. Let's apply it smartly.

Renewable Hydrogen – as feedstock or as energy vector – is not only a clean and reliable solution, but is also becoming affordable in more and more sectors.

With this general trend in motion, innovative leaders are already starting to embrace new opportunities.

Our customized “Hydrogen as a Service” (HaaS) and “leasing” options with zero upfront Capital Investment are enablers for this transition. We implement and finance high quality solutions based on renewable hydrogen within the following sectors:

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Haweas provides and funds sustainable, one-stop low carbon solutions for industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors based on renewable hydrogen.


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